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Modern solutions for stabilization of cable products charachteristics

7 October 2014
Addivant TM (the USA), a company 40 years experienced in in area of solutions development for stabilization and improvement of cable products, this company uses innovation technologies for new modern solutions. A wide product line of company includes the following:
- Polybond - coupling agents to improve processability, dispersion and performance properties of compounds; flame retardant and halogen-free
- Lowinox TBM-6 - antioxidant for cable industry
- Lowilite - light stabilizer to protect cable and wire from UV degradation
- Alkanox, Anox, Lowinox - antioxidants to provide power cable with advanced reliability
- Naugawhite - antioxidant to provide non-black elastomer blends with thermal stability and oxidation stability without change of colour
- Naugard - antioxidant to provide black elastomer blends with thermal stability and oxidation stability
- Lowinox and Naugard - metal deactivators to provide cable products with increased service age thanks to improved polymer protection

Addivant has recentely announced about new materials in Polybond product line: Polybond 7200, Polybond 3249, Polybond 3349. New coupling agents provide the highest level of performance properties of polymer compounds, flame retardant and halogen-free. Polybond 7200 provides optimal dispersion and physical properties of polyolefins. Polybond 3249 and Polybond 3349 retention of physcal properties and stability of melt flow.


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