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Representatives of JSC “Leader-Compound” took part in meeting “polymer Day”

On February, the 3rd of the year Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and Ministry of Industry and Trade of republic of Tatarstan organized Polymer Day. It was devoted to problems of import phase-out of polymer production in cable industry. Representatives of more than 40 polymer and compound manufacturers and their consumers – Russian cable companies, took part in thus meeting.
Traditionally Polymer Day had a communication format as reports and presentations, discussions and open dialogue.
The most outstanding problems are deficit of base polymers and decreasing of export duties for raw materials that used for production of import phase-out materials, and also absence of modern Russian equipment which need for polymer processers.
The Deputy of Director of Chemical-engineering and Forestry Department of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, A. Yu. Orlov answered different participants’ questions and mentioned success of Russian producers in area of products expansion. The participants were especially interested in what kinds of measures of state aid were planned for 2017 by the Ministry. These instruments could be used by manufacturers also for expansion of production volume of Russian deficit polymer grades.

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